Mrs. Heidi…

It is said that a RED DOOR can symbolize many things. It has been said that a red door symbolizes safety, protection, and a welcoming spirit. In our minds, this is EXACTLY why having a red door at Wee Wisdom is so fitting.

Through this red door. . . our daughter was welcomed with inviting smiles, warmth and love. Three things any parent wants for their child.

Through this red door. . . our daughter was “oohed” and “aahed” over, making her feel special and beautiful. Because you all did this, Sarah was eager to get up and get dressed each morning, in anticipation of the joyous reactions from her teachers.

Through this red door. . . our daughter was not judged for coming in late, leaving early or having an “off” day. She learned that she is human and that not every single day can start out perfectly, but that every single day is, still, a gift and a chance to learn, grow, and have fun.

Through this red door. . . you provided a safe place to play, paint, glitter, bead, glue, and express herself through art and music and literature and role play and toys. Sarah was given a chance to try new things, make mistakes, build upon what she had learned and to come out each day, excited for the next school day.

Through this red door. . . our daughter built upon her faith and belief in Jesus. She was able to pray more willingly, share her faith with others and understand, on her level, that our Heavenly Father will always love us.

Through this red door. . . you all patiently answered Sarah’s questions, as crazy as they may have been. You laughed at her jokes that were not always funny. You allowed her to tell you (over and over) about her daily pick-up time, you let her freely greet her friends in other classes, you were patient with her constant talking and silliness and you allowed her to be dropped off. . . on the toughest of morning, in a dignified and respectful way.

Through this red door. . . you reminded us that “it’s a normal phase kids go through,” on days that seemed impossible. While part of us knew that, as with all things in childhood, a larger portion of us would worry that we would be raising a child that would wreck the school or cause someone to go deaf with her screams. you are right. . . she DOES go through phases, and quite honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through this red door. . . you welcomed our families for special events. Events that took A LOT of planning. . . and dedication. . . and patience. None of them went unnoticed. Thank you for providing us with so many priceless memories.

Through this red door. . . our daughter has learned to love learning. While she may not always read her words to us, we know that she can. We’ve gotten a glimpse of how she likes to learn and what her potential for learning is. While we help her and teach her at home, no one can replace learning from teachers who exude the love of learning. . .and foster that love.

Through this red door. . . our daughter built friendships with other children whose parents also trusted and believed in you and your staff. It’s heartwarming to know that so many parents see and feel the amazing things you do at Wee Wisdom. The friendships Sarah has created could be lifelong. Who knows. . .maybe her prom date, the BFF who will dry her tears after her first teenage breakup, her college roommate, her “Maid of Honor” or her future husband could have been in this group!

Through his red door. . . our daughter was given the chance to try new foods, move her body in ways she didn’t know she could, learn about life cycles, realize that numbers are amazing and that words can take you places. But NOTHING will replace morals, values, and respect. You found a way to teach her “whole-child” and, for that, we are nothing but grateful.

Mrs. Heidi. . . Through this red door, you gave our daughter a chance, Personally, we longed for this little girl. And when we tried, for years, to adopt, we anticipated and dreamed of the kind of life we would give her. We dreamed about what activities she would participate in. We wondered how we would teach her about God. We thought about who would care for her when we worked. And we were curious about how, and where her pre-school years would be. It’s almost surreal that these years have gone by so quickly.

Each day, since the day she came to us, we have told Sarah she is 1) Our wish come true; 2) an important person; 3) so, so loved! While she know these thing about HOME. . . we are certain she also felt these things at Wee Wisdom.

So each morning, when we entered THIS RED DOOR, we were comfortable and elated that she got to experience these feelings at school, as well. And each time we picked her up. . . and waited outside THIS RED DOOR, we felt like children on Christmas morning, waiting for that door to open. . . and our greatest gift to come out. . . so willing to tell us about her day- and , of course, ask for a donut!

For these thing, and more, we are forever grateful and appreciative for you, your staff and THIS RED DOOR!

Much Love and Appreciation...