Our Mission

To provide an exemplary program of unequaled quality education and care promoting the growth of the whole child.  This is a Christian curriculum based program designed to meet the developmental needs of each child and prepare them for formal instruction in the coming years.  In this loving warm environment your children’s sense of God and His beautiful world will be strengthened and they will walk into kindergarten as a leaders with a love of learning.


Wee Wisdom takes an integrated approach to curriculum and understands that the content areas of instruction are naturally interrelated.  Learning experiences both planned and informal will cover the following subject areas:

Gross motor skill development
Language Arts activities
Mathematical activities
Science units
Social Studies units
Expressive arts: music, art, and dramatic play
Perceptual activities
STEAM and Introduction to Coding
Physical education:  gym and games
Free play

Curriculum continued…

There are separate curriculums for Mini-Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten both based on PA learning standards. ( Tweeners, an advanced Pre-Kindergarten program for students wishing to complete a second Pre-Kindergarten year at Wee Wisdom is also available.  The students will be reading, adding, and subtracting by the year’s end.)

The five day programs are available to Mini Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students.  They have their own classrooms and separate curriculums.

Language arts activities include an introduction to upper and lower case letters, phonemic sound awareness, and reading readiness skills.  Pre-kindergarten students will progress through printing the alphabet twice:  once with crayons- then with pencils- and be able to sight all letters from flash cards.

Mathematical activities include counting, number recognition, colors, shapes, and other preschool skills.

Our hands on science curriculum is based on nine monthly units geared for early learners.  We raise monarchs, frogs, and ladybugs; play with magnets and magnification; excavate dinosaur bones; erupt volcanoes; explore the Pablo Python animal unit to learn about animal growth, babies, camouflage, and classification; explore the five senses; plant seeds, and dive into the ocean.  All while making and testing a hypothesis in our monthly experiments!  Many STEAM activities are offered.

Social studies is taught using nine themes:  families, our community, transportation, street signs, social interactions, occupations, foods around the world, people around the world, and homes around the world – as well as the Scholastic Reader.

We have two separate religious curriculums that focus on weekly Bible stories and age appropriate prayers both formal and informal in nature.

A wide variety of mediums are used in art including painting, cutting, modeling clay, stencils. . . Our lessons are based on the seven art elements:  line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. The Pre-Kindergarten class also studies many famous artists and replicates their work.

We feature extensive music and story time.

SMART Boards are used by the students on a daily basis.

Our physical education program encourages gross motor skill development and coordination through seventy different activities:  parachute, obstacle course, ball skills. . . We also feature the Spark Program!

All Day Programs

Our all day programs include:

Thirty weekly thematic units with completely separate bi-level activities to include books, games, art projects, science experiments, songs, and dramatic play.

Preschool and pre-kindergarten Spanish.

Technology afternoons using ipads and coding projects.