Thank you so much for all you have done to make our daughter feel welcomed and comfortable at Wee Wisdom. We could not have picked a better preschool for her to attend the last two years! Not only do children grow and learn from what you teach them, they will also remember what a great teacher they had for many, many years! Brinley has grown so much – thanks to you!

Mrs. Heidi, I don’t know if you realized but next fall will be the first time in eight years you won’t have a Paglia/Logue on your roster. We cannot thank you for the time, creativity, knowledge, patience, love, and so much more that you provided to Orion, Rowan, Sofie, Sylvan, and Caleb over the past years. The groundwork you laid has and will continue to shape such an important happy and wealthy love for education. Orion will never forget that you taught him Spanish. Rowan loved extended care, Sofie loved the monarchs and splatter art and all the science experiments, Sylvan loved the art projects and learning about our five senses, and Caleb loved the ladybugs and math! Our families will be forever thankful for you being there for our precious babies, keeping them safe, and helping them grow. You will be missed; With love.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a wonderful year! Dylan has grown and developed so much with you support and guidance. We are blessed beyond words to have someone in his life that is such an influential and caring teacher. You have a special gift- you were born to be a teacher!! We wish you only the best and again cannot thank you enough for all have have done for Dylan!

Joy is what Salvatore has each day he would walk into Wee Wisdom. It’s the emotion he had each day as he talked about learning or friends there. I am so grateful that he was able to experience Wee Wisdom and all that you do. These memories will stay close to my heart as he learns and grows.

We just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the foundation you have laid in our daughter’s development as not only a student, but as a woman as well. We truly feel Pearl has a great head start in life thanks to you, your program, and your staff.

We can’t thank you enough for making Caleb’s first educational experience so special for him. You never ease to amaze us with you patience, kindness, and creativity.

I want to start by saying thank you for instilling the love of learning in Julia. She is learning so much this year and while I believe ABC’s and 123’s are important, the “other” things you teach are the most important. Julia strives to teach her brother about kindness and lessons about God and His love. You are an amazing role model for her. I came upon a quote this weekend that also reminded me of what you have done for her- the BEST teachers are those who tell you where to look but don’t tell you what to see!

Thank you for your smile everyday to greet her, I know you missed her when she wasn’t there. Thank you for your reassuring hugs when I wasn’t there to give them. Thank you for wiping away tears and fixing boo-boos. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for the songs you’ve sung. She loved sharing them at home. Thank you for the artwork that has decorated our home for two years. Thnak you for the cooking classes. She might have loved that the best! Thank you for the Spanish. She is teaching her little brother. Thank you for teaching how to be kind and share. Thank you for all the stories you told. Thank you for teaching her about God and Jesus. You have instilled a love for them in her we couldn’t have done alone Thank you for all of you thoughtful words. For ALL of this I am grateful and always will be!

Just wanted to say thank you for yet another beautiful successful year! We are so lucky to have found you. We also want to thank you for loving our daughter. There was not one day that she did not look forward to coming to school Your love for the students and your job truly shows.

I can hardly believe how much my son has grown and learned this year! Wee Wisdom is an awesom program and we can’t thank you and you wonderful teachers enough. He is going to miss all of you. Thanks for an outstanding year.

I just would like to thank you for everything you do for my daughter. You ladies truly make this preschool one of a kind and it is without a doubt, the BEST preschool around. I am so happy that my daughter is able to attend you mini-preschool program. Thank-you ladies for being such amazing teachers!

We are so grateful for everything that you have done for our daughter. She started school as a shy, timid child and with your support and encouragement–she has blossomed. Thank you for working hard to create an environment where our child learns, feels special, and is safe. Know we are grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my son’s first experience with school such a wonderful one. He was always so excited to share with us what he learned and couldn’t wait to go back and learn more. You have a wonderful program and do a fabulous job with the children. It’s going to be hard for his future teachers to measure up to you.

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I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with Wee Wisdom Preschool. Our daughter attended three days a week and loved every minute! I feel Mrs. Heidi is an outstanding teacher. I have been an educator for years, and feel that I am very aware of a good educational process. Mrs. Heidi does just that and exhibits all the wonderful attributes that a good teacher should have. She is extremely creative. Her projects are thematic and certainly age appropriate. I witnessed her interaction with the students at orientation and loved the way she communicated with the children on their level both physically and emotionally. I am extremely impressed with the curriculum. We love that our daughter is studying religion, phonics, mathematics, science, art, music, and physical education at such an early age! I also like the way Mrs. Heidi relates each subject to the student’s home lives. Our daughter feels special, unique, and important. She looks forward to every school day. My daughter’s educational experience is extremely important to us and we are thrilled that it is such a positive one.

Thank you for being one of the first people to “inspire” our daughter educationally. We appreciate all the guidance, energy, patience, and kindness you have provided to her. She will miss you when she moves onto Kindergarten next year. We , as parents, will miss you too- and are so thankful for the professional kindness you have shown us

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You are so nurturing and your generous heart is so obvious when you work with our kids. My children have bloomed and thrived with you along the way.

You run an incredible program. You show our children so much kindness and really epitomize God’s love for them. My son and daughter have both learned so much – academically of course, but also morally, socially, and religiously. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have taught my children. I am amazed daily by the things that they tell me, “Mrs. Heidi taught us.

To my Wee Wisdom Family– Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you all. You have influenced Dominic- and your teachings have shaped his upbringing, character, and path. You have changed him and helped him on his way to become the student you know he can be. Thank you for being his constant source of love, knowledge, and faith in a life changing year for him; and for that I am forever grateful. God bless you & I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful summer with your families. Guilia well be ready to see you in the fall!

Thank you so much for an amazing year! For not only teaching Casen, but for teaching us too! It has been evident from day one how much love and thought you pour into our babies! You are amazing!! We will never forget how Casen found his love of dinosaurs through You! — And now dinosaurs are a part of our daily lives!

Thank You!!! Those two small words hardly seem enough to repay you for all the amazing work you have done! These past two years have been simply astounding! It has been a great experience to watch Mason grow. You do a wonderful job with him and ALL the kids. I am sad to leave but excited to watch him bloom into the person he is supposed to be. Thank you for helping to shape and mold him. I have no doubt he will accomplish awesome things in his life thanks to all of you! Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for loving him like I do. We will miss you so much!

You are the most caring, warm, and wonderful person and our family is blessed to have found your school four and a half years ago. You and your teachers raised two of our girls to be great thinkers and the best people they can be. Please keep a spot open for us in three years!

Vito had a wonderful experience at Wee Wisdom. He loved coming to school and he adored you. You have an amazing program and a wonderful staff. With you kindness, understanding, teaching style, and faith – you have prepared Vito for the next step in his life. You have set the bar high for his future teachers.

I cannot thank you enough for making Daniel’s first school experience a positive one. His first day was filled with tears. . . from both of us! It fills my heart to see how much he has grown and how much he enjoys school now. Thank you so much for all you do each day – from the stories you tell, tears you wipe, and hands you hold to the shoes you tie and knowledge you share- you are amazing!

Last year when I was searching for a preschool for my daughter, I prayed that God would direct me to a teacher that loved to teach and would love my daughter. More importantly, I prayed for someone who would be an example of Christlikeness. That first day when I walked into your classroom and you bent down to hug my daughter, I knew you were the teacher to whom we would entrust our child. You have lived up to and exceeded our expectations. She loves you!

No words can adequately capture the depth of our appreciation for you and the program and team here at Wee Wisdom. So many times in scripture we read of how God poured out abundant blessings on those who honor Him first no matter where they were or what they faced: Joseph,Daniel, Job — to name a few. In a world that looks to push God out of it all, especially education, it is a wonderful blessing to see Christ glorified in and through this program. With all of our hearts we believe this is precisely why the success of Wee Wisdom continues — for you, your staff, & the many children and families that come through and learn and grow. For kingdom and children alike, please don’t stop. simply stated: thank you.

Just a note to say that we are so grateful we found Wee Wisdom for our daughter. She was with you for her Pre-k year and now she will be entering second grade in the fall. She was very timid and shy and you were wonderful with her. You paired her up with a friend and it helped her a lot. We just wanted to let you know she is doing great at Case Avenue School and she has grown out of her shyness. She loves school. We have very fond memories of our time with you!.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our daughter this year and for being such a wonderful teacher and role model . She felt so loved and important in your school.

We are so thankful and happy that we chose Wee Wisdom. Our son loves all the teachers and we are so pleased with the development and enthusiasm we have seen in him since school started. Thanks again for an excellent job!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the progress our precious daughter is making in your program. As we expect, she is eager to attend each session. We see drastic improvement in her number and letter recognition, her attention span, her coloring and creativity, and her overall behavior. We see her confidence and independence increasing as well. She is thriving and excelling. We cannot give you enough praise and thanks.

Thank you so much for making my son and I feel so welcome at preschool. You have created such a nurturing, enriching environment, and I have been nothing but impressed as I watch you teach. In fact, seeing your story time makes me want to be a kid again! I feel so lucky to have my son under your care and guidance, and know he’s in the most capable, loving hands he could be in. You have been given a wonderful gift in your teaching ability; thank you for sharing it with us.

I can’t thank you enough for giving my daughter such a wonderful preschool experience. I just love the way that you guide, encourage and nudge all of these little children along! She learned so much about Jesus, God, and the magnificent world around her. She so enjoyed learning all of her skills… especially numbers…handwriting…and lower case letters. You make everything special… from every holiday to every little finger play and song. I was so comforted and at peace knowing that my special little girl was with you in your nurturing classroom. She had a wonderful learning experience. She is so excited to move onto kindergarten and I am just thrilled that you were her special Pre-k teacher.

You’ve treated my son and daughter like they were your own and have made us feel so special. Your continued interest in our children’s education is priceless. You truly practice what you preach!

Words cannot express our thanks for having you as a wonderful teacher for all of our children these past four years! You have truly been an inspiration for our children. Thank you for helping to shape and mold their young minds, hearts, and souls. They have been blessed to have you as their first teacher ever. You taught them love, patience, kindness, humbleness, forgiveness, the love of God, and comfort. We will be forever grateful to you.

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Thank you so much for ALL you have done to make my son’s 2 years of preschool so special. He has loved every minute of the time he has spent in your class — you are so special to him :)! Your tireless energy and patience for the kids amazes me; it is so apparent you love what you do!! Always know that you give the children such a loving and wonderful base to “move on” to kindergarten wherever that may be. You are truly an inspiration to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so wonderful to my son!! May God Bless you!